Radio frequency Batch Heating Oven

In Radio frequency batch heating Ovens are a heating oven material. That are first and foremost shielded chambers where the material to be heated is placed between the plates or electrodes. As advanced technology is used life of the instrument is more Also they are excellent from the safety point of view. Its properties are unaffected so also mechanical properties. It's have various type of feature.

Better Quality : As target material/substance is not heated directly it gives minimal warpage and shrinkage; resulting into improved appearance of end product. There is significantly less change or affect on the electrical properties of the product. Dielectric Pre- Heating also helps in preserving the mechanical properties of the substance to give Better mechanical strength.
Higher Productivity : Being made with advance technology, our products Increases production efficiency; Because of less operation time and due to self-contained heating; workers are less prone to fatigue. Flash thickness can be better controlled.
Reduced Costs : As moulding cycle time is reduced and accuracy of the task is improved; production becomes less time consuming with more accuracy which means reduced costs & rejections.
Advantage : We have always used Advanced Technology and our products are made to international Standards, and so we are able to provide you with wide range of Rugged and reliable products to choose from so that you get exactly what you wanted. Our products have in built safety circuits for maximized safety of Operator and the Machine.

How Radio Frequency Heating Works?

Technical Specifications